Secure Our Borders and Fix our Immigration System

We are and always will be a nation of immigrants. I stand for a strong and united America that protects the rights of its citizens and keeps them safe.

In 2016, drug overdoses killed almost as many Americans as the Vietnam War. Today, we face an opioid epidemic that is killing our children. By securing our southern border we will prevent the massive inundation of drugs and gang violence into the United States.

I continue to support an America of immigrants but we cannot have lawlessness. As a U.S. Representative, it will be my duty to protect the law-abiding citizens of this great nation. It will be my highest priority to secure our southern border and reform our broken immigration system.

End Sanctuary Cities
I oppose sanctuary cities – unconstitutional and unlawful sanctuary cities. As Supervisor, I led the effort forcing Orange County to join the DOJ’s federal lawsuit against California allowing illegal immigrants who commit crimes to remain on our streets.
Strengthen Our Military

My highest priority in Government will be keeping the American people safe.

After 15 years of war our military is stretched thin, American families are worn out by endless deployments, and our training budgets are depleted.

America has a unique role in contributing to international order on the world stage. That’s why I supported President Trump’s increase in defense spending to rebuild our military and return its focus to maintaining a competitive advantage over foreign adversaries, including North Korea, Russia and China who are dead set on flanking us with better technology. We are not the world’s police force and we must be reluctant to engage in foreign wars without an exit strategy.

In Congress, I’ll counter our enemies’ rapidly expanding nuclear programs by supporting military innovation. I believe with strong and engaged U.S. leadership abroad we can keep our country safe.

End Veteran Homelessness

America is not fulfilling its promise to care for our veterans. Tragically thousands of veterans have died or become homeless while awaiting care from the VA – many suffered from mental illness.

As County Supervisor, I pushed for Veterans Village in the City of Placentia to house forty-nine homeless United States veterans and I have led the search for additional sites in the county. In Congress, I want to expand veteran mental health care services and I will support a shift to private sector alternatives to accommodate the demand.

Accountability at the VA must be improved and the barriers to veteran mental health services removed. I will not rest until veteran homelessness ends. Our heroes who fight for our freedom shouldn’t have to fight homegrown bureaucracy to get the care they have earned.

Stop Out of Control Spending and Put America First

Federal Debt is escalating and is rightfully one of the most worrisome issues to Americans. Debt and deficits are spiraling out-of-control and pose a serious threat to the health of our economy. In Congress, I’ll fight to cut wasteful spending to balance the budget.

The majority of states have a balance budget amendment in their state constitution. I support a constitutional balanced budget amendment that requires Congress to balance the budget, too. The U.S. foreign assistance budget – often a hidden gift as part of a major budget –must be scrutinized and voted for separately. I believe we need to consider eliminating foreign support with borrowed funds.

Lower Taxes and Create Good Jobs

I believe the less money government extracts from the system the better off we’ll be. Individuals and companies can handle money more efficiently than government and must be trusted to do so.

President Trump’s historic tax cuts made it through Congress. With provisions based on growth, under the new GOP plan companies have already started posting record profits. Tax reform is not just about helping job creators but families and hardworking men and women, too. People will see bigger paychecks, small business owners will have more money to reinvest and companies will move back to our country. Americans will be hired and put into higher paying jobs.

The bill is a step in the right direction however it still axes the current deduction for state and local income taxes hurting high tax states disproportionately including California. In Congress, I’ll work to amend the bill to change the state and local provisions to protect every Californian.

Most graduates will still be paying off student loans well into their 30s. Millennials are saddled with enormous debt and middle class parents are overwhelmed with the costs of helping their children obtain a four-year degree. I propose expanding tax benefits for students including a tuition and books tax deductible up to the level of the State University system for full time students.

Cut Burdensome Regulations

Obama’s regulatory overreach saw thousands of regulations squeeze through federal bureaucracy. Small businesses were crushed under the weight of the regulatory burden eased only by the roll back of the Environmental Protection Agency’s climate regulations in President Trump’s first year in office.

As a former small business owner, I know the unique responsibility that exists to bring jobs and economic growth to our community. In Congress, I will oppose unreasonable government regulations that cause small businesses to fail or discourage innovation. We need to ensure that we continue to have a robust economy here in the 39th District, and as your next Congressman, I will lead the fight against overreach from the federal government.

Protect our Rights

Freedom of speech is a legacy of western civilization that is under attack. There’s no exception to the First Amendment, which prevents law from curtailing the freedom of speech, and we must never qualify expression as a crime.

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government and I believe it applies to all searches of our personal communication including emails. Government should be denied rights to scan our documents and review our emails without a warrant.

I believe the government should not seize one’s assets unless they are related to a crime the individual is convicted of. We have experienced countless cases of government authorities seizing citizen’s property, only to require the citizen to shoulder the burden of proving the property was obtained legally. Citizens have no such responsibility under the constitution. I will fight for citizen’s fourth amendment rights and I will support the repeal of onerous asset seizure laws.

Fix our Crippled Infrastructure and Transportation Systems

America’s roads are in disrepair, our bridges are collapsing, and our waterways are becoming obsolete. Our neglected infrastructure needs a 21st century vision.

Rebuilding and maintaining local infrastructure has been a focal point during my time as Orange County Supervisor. I fought to save millions of local dollars by securing a massive federal, low interest loan towards the $1.9 billion expansion of the 405 freeway as Chairman of the Orange County Transportation Authority and I’ve led other major projects including the $610 million rail grade separation projects in north Orange County and the complete rejuvenation of the OC Civic Center.

Serving as Chairman of Southern California Regional Rail Authority (Metrolink) I led the rebuilding of the organization starting with a complete reshaping of the management team from CEO down, completely replacing the fleet of locomotives with the cleanest new fleet in the USA called “Tier 4” locomotives, implemented a mobile app for easier ticketing and brought in an entire new ticketing system to replace the broken and unreliable predecessor.

I know how to secure permits and find funding for infrastructure projects by slashing through red tape. As a U.S. Representative, I won’t waste anytime putting America’s infrastructure plan into action.


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